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Commerical Insurance

There are tons of risks when running your own business, both seen and unforeseen. Property damage, inventory damage, income, worker injuries, even crime, are all potential risks. Running your business is what you should be worrying about. Let us take care of protecting your investment and help you have less to worry about.

Types of Coverage:

Property: covers physical and financial damage to business property, equipment, and inventory.

Liability: covers medical and legal costs if a customer is injured on company property.

Crime: covers and/or replaces stolen property committed by others or employees.

Auto: includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and covers employees and company vehicles in accidents.

Worker’s Compensation: covers employee on-job injury.

Umbrella: adds an extra layer of protection to liability and/or commercial auto coverages.

Life: helps business maintain or recover from death of an employee or provide useful incentive for employee compensation plans.

What coverage does my business need?

Not all businesses require the same coverage. Contact us to learn more about what you may need for your business.

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