About Mainstay Insurance:

Mainstay Insurance is an insurance brokerage company located in St. Joseph, MN. Unlike an insurance company, we don’t work on their behalf, we work for our clients, meeting their insurance needs. We offer a variety of insurance option through several insurance companies.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make your life simpler, safer, and better by meeting your needs, every day.
Our Values

Our goal is meeting your goals. We believe in living by three central values to provide the best service to our clients.

Honesty & Integrity – The truth is valuable and honesty is the path to true knowledge. We don’t mislead you on insurance policies and we do our best to be as transparent and accurate as possible.

Commitment – At Mainstay, you are more than just a client, you’re part of the Mainstay family. We stay committed to helping your reach your goals, whether it’s starting a business or providing for your family.

Respect – Your dreams and goals are big. They deserve to be respected and treated with care. And, most importantly, so do you.