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What do you drive? A sedan? Hatchback? Truck? No matter what you drive, we have you covered. Get the right plan to protect yourself out on the road.

Auto Insurance

Our coverage option include: liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist

Liability coverage: You backing out of a parking lot stall and hear a crunch. You backed into a passing car. The damage is minor, but the other driver claims to have pain in her neck and back. Liability coverage helps pay for bodily injury and property damage to another person in accidents you caused.

Collision: You’re driving home from a weekend winter getaway, when you hit an icy patch and slide into the guardrail, damaging the front of your vehicle. Collision coverage helps with the cost of repairing your vehicle if it’s damaged or reimburse you for the value of its total loss.

Comprehensive: A storm hits your home and you realize you left the car outside. By the time you realize it, a tree has landed on your car, damaging the hood and roof. Comprehensive coverage would provide assistance when your car is damaged in a situation other than a collision.

Uninsured Motorist: What happens when the driver who causes the accident doesn’t have auto insurance? This situation can become a messy legal situation and, at times, be difficult to collect if you suffer any injuries. Uninsured motorist coverage covers bodily injuries when an at-fault driver, without insurance, causes an accident.

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